This blog is dedicated to my youngest doberman, Buggles.

Throughout the blog, you'll see me refer to her as Bugs, Bugsy, Buggles... its all the same dog. She just has lots of nicknames. :-)

Bugs was born on July 13, 2012 and at the time I write this, she is 6.5 months old. She and her sister were purchased from a backyard breeder near Detroit and lived the first part of her life with a very nice family. However, same-sex aggression is very common with dobermans, and as the girls grew, they began to fight, a lot. So Buggles came to live with me.

Bugs has three adopted brothers - Bruno, who is a 2 1/2 year old Doberman/German Shepherd mix, Nightmare, a 3 year old maltipoo/chihuahua mix, Lucky, a 7 year old dachshund, and five human siblings who love her very much.

The purpose of this blog is document her training and progress. Bugs has some issues that we're working on - chewing, jumping, typical puppy stuff. But additionally, she has extreme fearfulness in new situations. She does great on walks when we're in a quiet park or on a country road, but as soon as new people and dogs are added into the equation, she starts to cry, whimper, and cling to me. If the situation isn't remedied, the fear escalates into aggression.

Buggles is taking formal obedience classes and we are working with her on a very regular basis. I use an eclectic mix of Leerburg techniques and progressive reinforcement. Bugs is very food motivated and has excellent focus when the treats come out, so working with her is a very rewarding challenge.

Check back regularly for updates on Bugs, Bruno, and the training progress!

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