Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bugs Has Been Busy Lately...

We didn't go to Schutzhund training.

Instead, we learned a bunch of new tricks!!

Bugs learned the names of a few more things, here's the entire list:
Bottle [as in water bottle]
Baby [stuffed animal]

She also learned to jump on cue which is very impressive to watch, as she goes from a down-stay to a massive leap in the air! We keep this to a minimum because her growth plates aren't closed yet and too much jumping can cause injury.

We've worked hard on the "wait" command and Bugs can wait a very long time without cheating. We've tested it up to five minutes, but I bet we could go a lot longer.

Bugs' favorite game is "Which Hand?" - I show her a treat, close my hand, and put both behind my back. She doesn't even go for my hand when I show them to her - she sits and looks for a few seconds, and you can see her brain working, trying to remember which hand the treat is in. She always gets it right!!

Bugs makes a really funny face when she's waiting. It's like she wants to sass me but knows it won't get her anywhere.....

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