Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Busy Day!

We had a great day yesterday, full of success!!

First, Bugs and I went to the vet. She needed a nail trim, and I'm working on getting her accustomed to the dremel, but those nails just keep growing.

When we got there, we ran into a reactive German Shepherd on the porch who sent Bugs off. Instead of yanking on her and freaking out, we just moved to the side of the building, did a few obedience runs, and she calmed right down.

We went into the building and Bugs was amazing. She wasn't running all over like a jerk - she acted like the noble, majestic dog she was bred to be. There were many people in the waiting room and they kept asking me questions about her and remarking on her good behavior. Suddenly, a pomeranian poked his head around the desk and starting barking wildly at Bugs. She began to react and I quickly corrected her (verbally) and told her to WAIT.

She sat down, watched me, and waited, completely ignorng the pom!! The people in the waiting room were amazed at how well she listened. I shouldn't admit this, but I was amazed too - we've been working so hard on this command and she does awesome at home but the vet is a high-stress place and I really thought it would be hard for her to wait under such huge distraction. She sassed me the whole time she was waiting - grumbling under her breath - but I'm fine with that. Sassing Mom is just fine - barking and lunging at another dog is not.

She did have to be muzzled for her nail trim, because the vet techs were a bit intimidated by her, but I am okay with that. She's accustomed to wearing a head collar, so the muzzle was no big deal to her, just an extension of what she's used to.

After that, we went to Tractor Supply and got her a Kong Wubba toy. It's funny, when we're out in public, people either adore her, or they're terrified of her. We came around a corner in Tractor Supply and a group of men sidestepped us, and one of them said "Don't touch that dog!!" This is funny to me because she's so social with people, but of course if someone is intimidated by her, I am not going to allow her to approach them.

An old, old cowboy asked to pet her, and that was the cutest thing ever. This guy had to be in his late eighties or early nineties, and she just loved on him like crazy - no jumping or excessive licking, just a few kisses and tons of doberhugs. He was completely smitten. Maybe Bugs has a future in therapy work?

Then we went to the lumber yard for some supplies I need for a project. She had to stay in the Jeep for that, but was well-behaved. She never acts like a jerk in the car.

We topped it all off with a fun walk in the park. We walked the river trails and she was in heaven! So much to see and sniff!

Then we came home and had dinner, and of course Bugs slept like a log, because that's a busy day for a dobergirl.

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