Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bugs loves toads.

Sometimes Bugs impresses with how gentle she can be.

The other day, Bugs was outside and as I walked by, I saw, through the door, a huge toad jumping from under the deck towards her. She was resting in her kiddie pool and didn't see the toad, so I grabbed my shoes and went out to save it.

In that short time, the toad had hidden himself somewhere and I couldn't find him. So I played with Bugs for a bit and we headed in. At just that moment, out jumped the toad and Bugs pounced. She grabbed him in her mouth as I'm yelling "Leave it! LEAVE IT!"

She didn't drop him so I got it out of her mouth. Lo and behold, that toad was absolutely unscathed!! He had puffed himself all up to make himself scary, but there wasn't a tooth mark on him. He was absolutely unharmed.

I put him in the long grass on the other side of the fence and Bugs and I went in to research if that toad was poisonous. (He wasn't.)

I couldn't believe how gentle she was with it. I think the toad was impressed too - how many other critters have found themselves in the jaws of a seventy pound doberman and lived to tell the tale??

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