Saturday, March 2, 2013

They Can PLAY!!

Bugs got her stitches out yesterday and the vet gave us the all clear for Bugs and Bruno to finally be able to play together!! It's been almost a month - Bruno's surgery was on February 8th, and Bugs got hurt on February 18th.

The audio is shaky because I kept accidentally putting my thumb over the microphone. Derp. But I'd keep the speakers down if you have dogs - every time I pull this video up, Bruno hears himself barking and goes all crazy, barking and howling. (I can't even watch Animal Planet or Nat Geo with him in the room or he freaks out with every dog sound he hears.)

Bugs' training can now be kicked up a notch and we're already starting! She can now jump really high to do the touch command and in the next day or two, I am going to teach her to touch other things. I haven't started that because I don't know what I want to start with - probably something she likes, but isn't obsessed with. If i try to do it with food or a toy, she'll just take it. :P

And here is a story about what an amazing boy Bruno is:
Nightmare is the only dog in this house that is allowed off-leash without a fence. He is a shadow dog, and never strays more than twenty or thirty feet from me. One time I went for a walk up the road, thinking he was in the house. A mile away I finally looked behind me and there was Nightmare trotting along, about five feet behind me, happy as can be.

Anyway, on Tuesday I was struck with an awful stomach bug so I was in bed all day. My husband came home from work to take care of the kids. When he got home around 9:30, he discovered that the front door was wide open. (The girls must have left it open when they got on the bus around 7:30.) Bruno was nowhere in sight, but Nathan assumed he was in the bedroom with me, and I assumed he was downstairs with Nathan.

THREE HOURS LATER, Nathan heard scratching at the front door and opened it. There was Bruno!! He must have gone out when the door was wide open! Nathan went outside and could see, from the pawprints in the snow and mud, that Bruno hadn't gone anywhere near the road. He just hung out in the yard, wandered back by the pond, and chased the kitties around.

Now we certainly won't be letting him out there to go potty or anything, but what an amazing boy - he was never taught to stay in the yard because I am paranoid. He is always on leash or in the fence. But he knew better than to stray too far, and seemed to just have a blast out there, till he was ready to come in. I have some pretty awesome dogs, even if I do say so myself. :D