Thursday, February 21, 2013

Why Dobermans are Better than Kids

I have both dobermans and kids, and I love them both with all my heart, so this is, of course, very tongue in cheek. :D

1. Dobermans don't generally draw on the walls
2. You will never have to convince a Doberman to just put his damn shoes on already.

3. Dobermans don't insist on eating nothing but mac n cheese, nuggets, and fruit snacks.

4. A Doberman will never complain that the collar you picked out is like, so totally 90s, Mom.

5. You will never, ever have to help your Doberman with complicated math homework.

6. Dobermans don't usually make a habit of spilling juice on the couch.

7. You will never have to listen to your Doberman practice an instrument.

8. Dog food is so much cheaper than people food - even the expensive stuff.

9. You'll never have to threaten your Doberman's safety in order to get him to clean his room.

10. It's highly unlikely that you'll ever have to wash your Doberman's mouth out with soap.

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