Thursday, February 14, 2013

Surgeries and Cesar Millan!

Yesterday's vet appointment went well. Bruno doesn't need new staples or stitches, but he does need to wear a t-shirt in addition to his cone, because he's learned to rub his itchy wound on the furniture. (Ick!) Last night he got the shirt off while we were sleeping and managed to open it up a bit, and it bled. Does not look like he needs another stitch, so the vet said to keep him on the antibiotics and put a tighter shirt on him. Bruno wasn't pleased with me, because I had to clean the wound and put antibiotic cream on it, but he didn't growl or snap because he's such a good boy. :)

Bugs has her spay surgery set up for March 5th. I am hoping and praying that she heals up better than Bruno has. The vet is very optimistic and thinks it should be fine, because of the location. (Apparently Bruno's issues are because the incision is in an area that moves all the time, just with breathing, let alone his normal movement.) I'm crossing my fingers that Bugs doesn't end up with spay incontinence, since that's so common in dobermans, but if she does, the medication is very inexpensive. I just think she will be embarrassed if she pees on herself. 

In other news, my husband gave me the best Valentine's Day present ever - tickets to see Cesar Millan live! I know that his methods are controversial, but I love him and his ways with dogs. He can read them so perfectly, and I've learned a lot about dog behavior from his shows, books, and website. And now I get to see him in person! The seats are very close to the front and I am so ridiculously excited! 

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