Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Quick update

Bruno's stitches are out and he is loving it!! He kept trying to lick the vet's face when he was removing the stitches. It made me laugh because the vet was being cautious, and was concerned that Bruno would nip or growl, but of course he didn't. Bruno would never, ever hurt a person.

Bugs got her drain tube out yesterday, but the stitches have to stay in a few more days. She is healing up beautifully! I was sick yesterday so my husband took her in for the tube removal, so I don't know how she acted. He did say that she walked fine on the leash until they got into the office, and then she started jumping around like a fool. That's my girl! :D

Even though she still has stitches, we're going to go to training tonight. We found a different trainer who has experience with dog-reactive dogs, so my fingers are crossed for a good outcome. I'll take off Bugs' cone when we get there and put it back on when we leave. I doubt she will lick at her side. She doesn't even seem to know that anything happened to it, because she's such a goofball.

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