Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Our Baby Girl is Growing Up

Today I noticed a few drops of blood on the floor. I checked thoroughly and sure enough, it's coming from Buggles. She's in heat.

This is good and bad news. Bad, because it may delay her obedience classes. Good, because that means she can be spayed sooner than I anticipated.

Her behavior doesn't seem to be affected but then, it's only the first day. I've never really dealt with a bitch in heat so I'm watching her carefully, reading what I can, and of course, leashing her for potty. The dogs have a large fenced yard to play and potty in, but a determined dog who smells her will have no problem scaling the fence, so no unsupervised potty for awhile.

Bruno has a cancerous lump that he's having removed Friday, so it actually works out perfect. By the time she's out of heat and able to be spayed, I'll definitely have more as far as finances for her surgery. I had to use quite a chunk of the "dog fund" for Bruno's surgery, but it should be replenished in a few weeks. Technically she could be spayed while in heat, but it carries more risks, so I'd rather be vigilant about neighbor dogs for now and wait till her body is through with this.

It explains her grumpiness the past few days -- PMS, anyone? :P

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