Sunday, February 24, 2013

Funny Bugs!

Oh, poor Bugs and her cone. She looks so pathetic! Fortunately, her wound is healing up beautifully and the cone doesn't seem to slow her down a bit. She takes great delight in going outside and scooping up snow in her cone, and then coming in and jumping around, flinging snow everywhere. Such a funny, sweet girl.

The cone hasn't slowed us down at all and we are still training daily. Nothing new introduced, because it does distract her terribly when we're working - but we're still handfeeding, and she still has to "work" for her food. Look-Touch-Take It. She can now touch without verbal cue, and can touch up high, off to the side, where ever I place my hand.

Bruno gets his stitches out tomorrow, and Bugs gets hers out on Tuesday. Both are healing up so well that there is barely a scratch, just scar tissue, so they should be able to romp and play soon! I'm sure they will both be thrilled. It's so hard to keep them separated. Of course both dogs still get equal attention, but they want to play with each other desperately.

Bugs is doing absolutely wonderful with the "Leave It" command. However, I have reinforced a silly, possibly negative behavior. Every time I tell Bugs to Leave It, she immediately drops the item or walks away from it, and then I praise her and love on her. Well, she took it a step further and now brings me everything. She picks things up around the house and drops them at my feet, then looks up at me, stump wiggling like crazy, for her praise and ear scritches. (Yes, scritches is a word, even if its underlined in red squiggles!) The other day I was working on the computer (and by working, I mean playing around on facebook) and when I looked down, about five minutes later, I was surrounded by stuffed animals and shoes, and there was Miss Buggles, just wiggling like all get out! Of course I laughed and gave her love - which sent her on a mission for a towel out of the laundry room!

She likes to move her bed all over, so sometimes its in front of the stove, other times under the buffet, and one day she put it on the stairs and had scooched herself all onto one step, legs falling off and head propped on the railing. Of course, she jumped up when she saw me so I couldn't snap a picture.

Bugs also has a pencil that she loves to carry around with her like a baby. I am not really sure why, because we have plenty of squeakies and stuffies - but she loves that pencil. I did end up taking it away because if she got it in her head to chew it, it could be dangerous in her tummy.

Here is a picture of Bugsy sleeping in front of the woodstove. She is such a doll.

Also- I shared this pic on facebook and my friend Amanda had a good point - isn't the woodstove going to melt her cone? Well, it actually burns wood pellets, and doesn't get hot on the outside, just blows hot air out the top fans. It does, however, stay very warm around the stove, probably 85 or 90 degrees, which Bugs just loves. All the dogs do; I often find Bugs sleeping there with her tiny brothers, Lucky and Nightmare.

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