Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bugs at the Dog Park - with video!

Bugs is a sad, sad girl.

Her very best Buddy in the whole world, Bruno, is not allowed to play with her. They aren't even allowed to be near each other, because her very presence makes Bruno quiver with excitement. They wrestle and play for hours a day, and that kind of activity is strictly off limits for Bruno right now.

To make up for it, Bugs has been getting lots of walkies and treats. Today after a long walk (and, unfortunately, completely uneventful - we saw no one) we hit the dog park for some fun. There were no other dogs there, so my eleven year old daughter and I had to provide the entertainment.

Towards the end of our trip, a german shepherd mix came in. She was a bit unstable in her energy but Bugs did well. We got in the car and then Bugsy lost it, barking and growling. I am glad she is learning when and where it is acceptable to bark and growl. :)

Here is a video of Miss Bugs racing around at the dog park!!

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