Wednesday, February 13, 2013

And Back to the Vet We Go


Well, actually, this time it's not his fault. The staples that were put in at the E-Vet weren't done well, and not only are they falling out, but they're not holding the wound together well. It's closing up very nicely where the stitches are (half the wound) but where the staples are, it's much wider, weeping, and not staying together well.

Luckily its a weekday (so they're open)  and I won't have to pay for this visit, as all follow-ups are included in the price of the surgery. I hope they don't need to sedate him, because he's already eaten breakfast today.

I am going to also ask if the emergency vet did the staples correctly. If not, I will be writing them and asking for that portion of my money back. I will not ask for the $93 office call, because that was provided in a timely manner and the exam was done well. If it turns out the staples were done poorly (as I suspect) I think it's only fair to be reimbursed. If I provided a service and didn't do a good job, I would expect to reimburse my client - its the right thing to do.

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